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Research Domain: Group One - National Survey of Informal Learning Activities

Title of Project: Informal Learning Among Teachers: Canadian Teacher Learning Survey

Start Date: April 1, 1998
Academic Investigator: Dr. Harry Smaller
Community Partner: OSSTF
Student Research: Zahra Noormohamed (York U.)

As part of a larger national study examining informal learning practices across the general population, approximately 1900 randomly sampled elementary and secondary school teachers across Canada were sent English language questionnaire forms in October of 1998, inquiring into their practices and opinions concerning their own on-going learning. Similar French language forms were distributed to approximately 700 sampled teachers in Quebec and Ontario in February of 1999. Respondents were asked to comment on any informal learning they may have undergone in the past year in their workplaces, their homes and their communities. They were also asked to report on any formal learning events which they participated in, including courses, workshops, conferences, etc. Most questions replicated closely those asked in a 1999 national telephone survey of 1500 people randomly selected across the country.


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