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Research Domain: Group Two - Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Title of Project: The Development of an Annotated Bibliography for PLAR

Start Date: April 1, 1997
Academic Co-investigators: Dr. Alan Thomas (OISE/UT), Monica Collins (U. Windsor)
Student Researchers: Sue Vanstone (OISE/UT), Luis Barnola (OISE/UT)

The participants in Group 2, and those in other groups interested in PLAR come from a wide variety of backgrounds and possess a wide variety of experience with PLAR. At the same time, use and experience, and writing, with respect to PLAR has been growing very rapidly over the past several years. To ensure some kind of common background, it is essential to have a systematically developed bibliography. The existence of the OISE/UT Library collection is an excellent start, and the results of such a development will be lodged there, available to the general academic community.

What is required is the following: canvassing of the participants themselves, of the new agencies involved in PLAR, eg. HRDC, CLFDB, CAPLA, and provincial sources, and of traditional bibliographic sources (ERIC) and; of E-Mail and Internet sources. A comparable effort will be made to ensure that the bibliography can be maintained over the five year period and beyond.

Dissemination will include the production of the initial bibliography. with selected annotations; use of the NALL Newsletter, use of various electronic networks; and experimentation with a WEB Page, or cooperation with other agencies in creating one. Consultation will take place with the OISE/UT Library over the future maintenance and information about the collection.

Obviously much of the information collected our project A Review of the Current State of the Use of PLAR in Canada and Abroad will be included in the bibliography, and eventually the two projects will be combined.


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