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Research Domain: Group Two - Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Title of Project: PLAR-Broadening the Boundaries

Start Date: April 1, 1997
Academic Co-Investigator: Dr. Kari Dehli (OISE/UT)
Partner Co-Investigator: Dr. D'Arcy Martin (SIEU)
Community Partner: CEP, ACTEW
Student Researcher: Peter Sawchuk (OISE/UT)

This action research project developed cooperation between a union education system and a community-based agency. We gathered site-specific qualitative data by interviews and focus groups, to develop a profile of informal learning activity which now is unrecognized by education providers. It worked to identify tacit skills, informal knowledge and reflective practice and use the results to challenge union and community-based education and training providers. Its research findings are engaged in the broader national policy debate and implementation strategy for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. Over a long term, the research results should help to press the formal educational system to validate a broader range of informal learning activity.


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