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Research Domain: Group Five - Informal Learning in Different Workplaces

Title of Project: Model of Organizational Learning: An Emergent Form of Community in the Post-Industrial Workplace: A Comparative Study

Start Date: April 1, 1997
Academic Investigator: Dr. Marilyn Laiken (OISE/UT)
Student Researchers: Karen Edge (OISE/UT), Stephen Friedman (OISE/UT), Jan McColl (OISE/UT)
, Karima West (OISE/UT)

The purpose of this research, in the long-term, is to locate and study organizations world-wide which are using organizational learning approaches to embed on-going learning within the actual work processes- whether at an individual, team or strategic level. One of te challenges which organizations face in proceeding with such transformative experiments is their lack of knowledge about current examples of successful projects. The proposed research intends to be a "voice" for models of organizational learning which have benefited the organization and its clients or customers, as well as its employees or volunteers whose lives are dramatically affected by these new organizational forms. The study will begin with Canadian organizations for the first two years, and then extend to organizations in the USA, Europe, Asia and possibly Africa over the subsequent two to three years.


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