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In a book I read there was this one line
That made me stop and exercise my mind
Took me places I’d never been before
And as my wheels kept  turnin’
I knew that I was learnin’
And there’s so much more to explore

Stop, take a minute look in the mirror
Your vision will become clearer
Your wisdom is reflected in your eyes
Lifelong learning is a treasure
And it goes on forever
Thirsty minds are never satisfied

Never had much formal education,
Didn’t celebrate high school graduation
Ah, but I’ve got a searching mind
Everyone’s born with a thirst for knowledge,
Doesn’t mean you have to go to college
Living your life, you’re learning all the time

From people we meet & things we do
Some of us going to union school
So many ways information gets relayed
We learn as we raise our families
The arts, & friends, internet, t.v.
Even from mistakes that we have made


Don’t always look to “the experts” to guide
Draw on the wisdom gained in your life
We’re not defined by diploma or degree
There’s so many jobs that we could fill
With all our knowledge, all our skill
We just need the opportunity

Employers don’t know what they’re missin’
From us folks that they’re dismissin’
Let’s push & make them change their policy
It’s what we know not how we know it
We need a chance to show it
We are assets not liabilities

Chorus + repeat 2nd half of chorus
Tag…You can’t satisfy a thirsty mind

©SOCAN  April 2001
Arlene Mantle and Jacqueline McAlpine
SAJA Music

recording can be heard on NALL'S website:  www.oise.utoronto/depts/sese/csew/nall/res/index.htm

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