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NALL's Research Projects
 Project Title

Principal Investigators

Group #1 - National Survey of Informal Learning Activities
1.1 The National Survey of Adult Informal Learning Practices Dr. D.W. Livingstone
1.2 Informal Learning Among Teachers: The Canadian Teachers' Learning Survey  Dr. H. Smaller, 
Marita Moll (CTF)
1.3 Theoretical Foundations of Informal Learning: NALL Network Approaches (T-FIL Project) 
Dr. P. Sawchuk (UCalgary)
Group #2 - Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
2.1 PLAR: Broadening the Boundaries Rebecca Sugarman (ACTEW), 
D'Arcy Martin
2.2 A Review of the Current State of the Use of PLAR in Canada and Abroad Dr. A. Thomas, M. Collins
2.3 The Development of an Annotated Bibliography for PLAR Dr. A. Thomas, M. Collins
2.4 The Development of a "Values" Document for PLAR Dr. A. Thomas, M. Collins
2.5 An Exploration of the Current and Future Uses of PLAR Dr. A. Thomas, M. Collins
2.6 Prior Learning Assessment in Canadian Community Colleges D. Meaghan, H. Doughty
2.7 OFL / BEST Practices: Basic Education and Skills Training Deborah Hutcheon (OFL)
2.8 Immigrant and Aboriginal First Languages as Prior Learning Qualifications for Formal Employment or Academic Credit Dr. D. Corson
2.9 Learning Labour -- A PLAR Project Dr. B. Spencer
2.10 Education as Research/Research as Education: Labour and Workplace Reorganization 1993-1997 Dr. D. Martin, J.
Orgales, Dr. P.
Sawchuk (UCalgary)
Group #3 - Informal Learning Cultures
3.1 Working-Class Learning Practices: Home-Based Perspectives Dr. D.W. Livingstone
3.2 Informal Learning Culture Through the Life Course: Initiatives in Native Organizations and Communities Robert Beaudin (KTEI) , 
Dr. G. Burns, P. Olson 
3.3 Informal Learning and Educational Transitions in First Nations and Metis Communities Dr. T. Wotherspoon
3.4 Growing Jobs for Living: Environmental Adult Education, Participatory Research and Job Creations Project, Belleville, Ontario Dr. B. Hall
3.5 Untapped Knowledge': Cultural Resource Knowledge of Minoritized Communities and the Potential for Educational Change Dr. G. Dei
3.6 Reproduction of Identity in Francophone Minority Communities Dr. D. Gerin-Lajoie 
3.7 Historical and Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Working-Class Informal Learning Practices Dr. T. Dunk
3.8 Informal Learning, Traditional Knowledge, and Educational Institutions: Aboriginal Women in Coalition Work  Dr. C. Haig-Brown
3.9 Violence, Rights, and Law: Informal Learning Experiences of Immigrant Women
Dr. S. Mojab
Group #4 - Learning and Work Transitions
4.1 Work Skills of University Graduates Dr. G. Lowe
4.3 Learning Needs of Adults Without Secondary School Diplomas Dr. H. Smaller, 
Rosemary Clark (OSSTF)
4.4 Labelling and the Labour Market: How Delinquency Affects Occupational Attainment Dr. J. Tanner
4.5 Informal Learning in the Transitional Year Programme at UT
Dr. R. Abramovitch
Group #5 - Informal Learning in Different Workplaces
5.1 Women and Community Economic Development: Changing Knowledge, Changing Practice Dr. E. Jackson
5.2 New Forms of Social Learning for those Outside the Mainstream Labour Market Dr. E. Shragge, 
Dr. J. Fontan, 
Dr. R. Ng, 
Dr. K. Church
5.3 Teachers' Federations as a Site for Formal and Informal Learning Dr. N. Bascia
5.4 Informal Learning Processes: The Antigonish Movement in Nova Scotia Dr. M. Welton
5.5 Learning to Work Safely in the Sex-Trade Industry D. Meaghan, 
5.7 Models of Organizational Learning: An Emergent Form of Community in the Post-Industrial Workplace: A Comparative Study Dr. M. Laiken, CCA
5.8 Practicums as a Site for Informal Learning Dr. R. Ng, 
Lise Martin (CRIAW)
5.9 The Storage and Transmission of Men's Informal Skills in Working-Class Communities Dr. D. Smith
5.10 Informal Learning in School-Community Partnerships Dr. K. Dehli
5.11 Pathway Learning Measurement Project Institute for Learning, 
Bank of Montreal
5.12 A Survey of Informal Learning in an Ontario-wide Sample of Co-operatives and Non-Profits Dr. J. Quarter, CCA
5.12.1 Informal Learning Processes in a Worker Co-operative Dr. J. Quarter, CCA
5.13 Labour Adjustment and Job Training Programs: Implications for Immigrant Women Workers
Dr. R. Ng, NAC
Group Six - Computer-Based Informal Learning
6.1 Testing New Learning Technologies for Labour Education and Training Dr. P. Sawchuk (UCalgary) 
6.3 The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning System Technological Change on Formal and Informal Workforce Education Dr. S. Shniad, 
Richard Rosenberg (UBC)

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